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Francois Rance dedicated this perfume to the woman most loved by Napoleon - his wife Empress Josephine.
''That recreation of the real fragrance Josephine, which has claimed more than two hundred years. Though, this recreation in fact captivates the smell of the modern lady who likes to use floral and sweet fragrances in their daily routine life. Some ingredients of the terrific Rancé Josephine are ylang jasmine floras. Others are hyacinth, musk and violet leaves.''
''Joséphine for women has been released in its original formula. The notes are May rose, hawthorn, jasmine, ylang ylang, hyacinth, iris, blackcurrant, white peach, cloves, galbanum, violet leaves, ebony, sandalwood, white musk, Bourbon vanilla and ambergris.''
''The house eventually devoted all its efforts to making perfume and soon became the court favorite of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who commissioned two special and exclusive fragrances for himself and Empress Joséphine to wear. The oils for these fragrances languished in the storehouse of the firm after the end of Napoleon?s reign, but a few years ago the current owner rediscovered them and the decision was made to release them, thus making available for the first time two perfumes worn only by the Emperor and his Empress; no one else was allowed to experience them back in the day. This was a wonderful gift to perfume lovers everywhere from a company that is still owned by the original family.''
From internet sources, Donna Hathaway
''When they (Rance 1795) launched their most important creation in 200 years, they chose The Perfume House over every other location in the world to launch the fragrances named Le Vanquer Napoleon and Josephine. Before his coronation in 1804, Napoleon approached master perfumer Francois Rance and commissioned him to make two scents, one for himself and one for Josephine. The perfumes were designed so that if Napoleon and Josephine were in the same room, her scent would dominate, but if the two came together, the two perfumes would merge to create a whole new unique fragrance. Napoleon made a rule for the perfume to not be released for 200 years after the coronation. In 2004 the house of Rance launched these two perfumes.'' The Perfume House
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