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The talented perfurmer François Rancé left by Grasse, where his family had produced perfumed gloves since the 1600s, and won over Paris with his crations. He was an enthusiastic fan of Napoléon. He dedicated many of his perfumes to the emperor (LE '' VAINQUEUR '' became particulary famous) and became Napoléon's favorite Perfumer. He presented JOSEPHINE, Napoléon's much loved bride, with a perfume named after her in a rafined Sèvres porcelain box. Years later, Fançois Alexandre Rancé, François'grandson and continuator of the business, paid his respects to empress EUGENIE, Napoleon III's wife, with one of his refined creations. This perfume has today been brought back by Jeanne Sandra Rancé, who has gone through the family archives and picked out its most precious gems.
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